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Everything in our world has energy – plants, people, situations, conversations, thoughts and locations.


Awareness of how our own energetic bodies relate to all other energy allows our true nature to flourish through practices of discernment and sovereignty.  


At Stars and Light Collective, Erin teaches practical energy clearing and connecting practices that create space for clients to align with their own soul wisdom. Ancient practices are melded with modern day ritual to provide grounded, fun and informative sessions through the use of heart centred connection.


For those who wish to explore deeper their soul lineage and spiritual gifts – Erin offers a personalised, flexible service that enables clients to activate, remember and integrate their own innate spiritual talents.  

Deep Energy Clearing and Alignment $150 (Online via Zoom)

Stars and Light Light Path Alignments are steeped in sacred energetic and spiritual practices amended to flow for clients in our modern world. Held over zoom - these sessions allow deep connection, awareness and insight into each client's own energetic flow while being held in the physical comfort of each client's home space. 

Using techniques such as Reiki and Intuitive Angelic healing - Erin will guide each client by exploring and sharing information regarding  their own unique energetic blueprint including how they process energy in our world. Specifically tailored clearing and alignment practices are then implemented and shared to aid the client in using these tools in an ongoing capacity. Erin uses and teaches practical and effective techniques that clear, balance and align energy flow aiding in revitalisation and embodiment of each client's Light Path of their Soul. 

Throughout each session, Erin is guided by each client's higher self and universal law to aid in the sovereignty and embodiment of light of humanity. In respect and reverence for all of souls on their Light Path. 

stars and light collective services Light Path Alignment


I have had a few days now to think over our session and to really soak it all in and wow it was absolutely incredible. I feel so lucky to have “stumbled” (hehe I know nothing is coincidence!) upon your beautiful soul and your services. 
With both of the healings I have been so lucky to partake in with you, I have felt the most magical and calming energies. 
During our Stars and Light Collective Session, I was absolutely in awe and amazed that for the first time, I was truly able to see COLOUR throughout!! This was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I have always only really “seen” black when my eyes are closed during any meditations or healings and at times I have had very short glimmers of colour or faint far away visions of things but during this session with you - the ENTIRE TIME I had BRIGHT VIVID COLOUR! Ahh soo incredible seriously! I am still in shock as it feels like I have broken through a barrier that I have been having.
This in itself made the session so worth while for me, but wow, the incredible journey we went on together was amazing! I have gained soo much through the sessions we have had soo far and I can feel truly that my own healing and spiritual growth has excelled throughout these last few weeks. 
I am very much excited to see how I am feeling in the next month when everything has truly incorporated and integrated with my body (especially with taking the Liquid Crystals and Trees). I look forward to meeting with you again in the near future <3.
Thank you for connecting me to my past, my beautiful guides and for really allowing the space for my energy to open! My soul is feeling happy and like I have seen a glimpse of home <3 it is a magical feeling indeed.


stars and light collective services Light Path Alignment

Lemurian Symbols of Light Chakra Activation and Healing $120 (Online via Zoom)

During this session - Sacred Symbols of Light will be used to send light and activating energy to your 5 Lemurian Chakras - allowing for energetic flow, rememberings and integration of soul gifts. 


Erin will provide a supportive container for each client's soul wisdom to be illuminated through the love and light of he Lemurian vibration. Deep healing, knowledge and empowerment will be cultivated and concurrently softly infused in each client's enhanced etheric field. 

A Journey to the Temples of Lemuria to enhance remembering and integration of the Lemurian Energetic Channels is also offered during the session. 

Akashic Record Reading with Reiki $111 (Online via Zoom)

During a Stars and Light Collective Akashic Record Reading with Reiki, universal light healing is combined in a most beautiful way with information from your own soul records. Spoken and unspoken - through specific questions you may have of your soul guardians, as well as through deeply penetrative healing that accesses all parts of your energy in time and space - the harmonious joining of these energetic modalities produces unique and beautiful journeys. Allowing the healing rays of reiki to be enhanced and embraced by the eternal part of you, and the beautiful light beings that watch over your soul journey this session is deeply restorative and informative.

Upon entering client's records -blessings, reactivation of soul talents and spiritual healings are intertwined with guidance, comfort and deep connection to soul family and self. 


Erin holds space for you to access, listen, learn about, and feel the energy of your higher self and records – paving the way for increased connection to client’s inner wisdom and knowledge of their own Akashic Records from that point forward. Deeply restorative Reiki healing cincurs with entering your records for a gentle but powerful experience. 

Clients may prepare 3 – 5 questions to ask their Akashis Record Guardians if they feel called to do so. Guidance may still be accessed throughout the session without pre prepared questions. Only each client’s personal Akashic Records will be accessed during the session.  

Image by Greg Rakozy

Please note: Stars and Light Collective is a spiritual and energetic healing and teaching service – it is not a substitute for medical care or professional counselling. Client’s must be over the age of 18 to access a Stars and Light Collective service. By booking you are consenting you are over 18 years of age. 

All sessions are conducted via Zoom. Any Liquid Crystals or Liquid Trees prescribed will be received via post. 

Cancellation within 24hrs of a booking will incur 100% of the session fee. Rescheduling is available up to 24hrs before the booked appointment with no attached fee.